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Hey. Requests :)

EMAIL ADDRESS: swtemotionz@livejournal.com

IMAGE: http://members.rogers.com/babieannie/cute90.jpg
Text: The key he used to unlock my heart
blinking text: Swtemotionz
Colors: BLACK/WHITE/#3399FF #0066FF #99CCFF
Animations: blinking texts.
border like that please :)
(can you do the blinking text in a scroll effect... instead of all blinking at one time)

(Can you cut the picture so it's only me and put it on a white bg)
Text: On the top: I adore you... Want you
On the Bottom: But more like need you (I wanted the pointing aarows on the bottom as well
Colors: Black and white for the outlining of the text
the other colors are #FF66CC/#FFCCFF/#FF99CC
With borders and fonts like this

Image: http://members.rogers.com/babieannie/annie34.jpg
(can you cut the picture like the one above. With a white bg.)
Text: On the top blinking: Cinderella
And on the bottom: Annie
Can you use the font redensek if it fits
Colors of the blinking font: #0099FF and #FF66CC
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