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I thought you would all like to know that nycsbeauty78 is an ICON STEALER.
She stole one of the icons that was expecially made by a fellow livejournal user for me and did not credit me nor the talented icon maker who put there time into making the icon. I noticed this when she requested a matt damon mood theme in pop_icons and was using MY icon. When I confronted her she said "I dont know what your talking about, your name isnt on it" shortly afterwards she deleted the post. I noticed looking at her user info that she belonged to MANY icon/graphic communities that I do and I decided I should notify you all because I dont know what else she steals and who else she has stolen from. I think nycsbeauty78 is really pathetic. Anyone who steals icons needs a life and the least they could do is credit the maker. I think its sad that icon stealing exists in these communities because I think we should respect the makers and other people in the community. I'm sorry all for wasting your time while reading this but I felt you should know. nycsbeauty78 they deserve to know. Thankyou all for your time and I only hope that now your more informed. Stealing icons is a stupid thing to do and not to mention very rude. I dont know why nycsbeauty78 did it. And since theres many icons out there with "no names" stealing sadly still exists. These should be happy communities where we respect people but I guess that was too much to ask for nycsbeauty78. Sorry agian everyone I just cant believe some people these days. And I also apologize for the massive cross posting. And mods of the communities Im sorry to clog up space. Thankyou all for listening.
~*Tootles, CC
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