♥B♥O♥L♥A♥A♥ (lilfilipina) wrote in lovesome,

Icon Request

Icon Request Form:
Email address: krazykutie10@msn.com
Background Color/Image: http://www.picturedot.com/FetchImageJPG.asp?ImageType=P&ImageFormat=H&ImageID=61548
Text Font/Color/Position: bottom center, black n hot pink , Verdana, size 12
Text: (what you want it to say) KALENA
Effects: (animation, blinking, sparkles, tubes, etc) Blinking
Icon Border: (solid, dotted; include color) dotted- Hot Pink

Be Creative, Thanks
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Okay, I don't know what's wrong with my computer, but because that picture is grayscaled, I can't convert it so that I can put pink in the picture -- I can only get grays and blacks and whites.

So, if you have the original picture, I could work with it and make it black and white in a way where I could still have pink. Or you could change your request.